February 15, 2007

Tale of two diets

Tapestry scarf
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I did not mean to worry auntie Vi so let me tell you about my two very reasonable diets.

- The food diet is about being healthy: at least one meal a day is a salad, no sodas, and I eat fruit when I want a snack.

- The yarn diet is about enjoying what I have: at least 20 skeins of my stash (currently 135 skeins) must be used before my next purchase and I can buy at most one knitting/pattern book per month.

2 skeins are gone thanks to the Gentle Waters scarf made with Rowan Tapestry. I like to buy a few skeins to swatch a new yarn, I can always use them for a charity scarf or hat (this one will go to Dulaan).

Tapestry is a single-ply DK weight yarn made out of 70% wool and 30% soybean. It is similar to South West Trading Karaoke (also single-ply 50% wool 50% soysilk but worsted). Both are good substitutes for Noro Kureyon - I like the gentler color variegation and find them softer (though not for next-to-skin wear because of my sensitive skin).

Edited: to answer Amie's question, the colorway is variegated pink and gray - it's shade 172 "pot pourri".


mango k. said...

you should do in action shots of you wearing your stuff. we want to see your cute self on your blog!

Amie said...

I can't tell from the colors - is that red/pink, black/blue?

It's pretty, whichever colors they are - the striping sequence is very nice!

Kim in Oregon said...

I keep forgetting to thank you for the recent package of sock yarn! Thanks thanks thanks!

vi said...

just make sure you don't lose any weight dear you are very thin to begin with

and yes I worry
the yarn diet is a different thing
although maybe you would like to have a knitting machine....you know...to knit YARDAGE to felt??????

auntie vi