September 07, 2009

The virtues of stashing

Tulip cardigan
Originally uploaded by miminh3
The latest finished object chez Minky is the Tulip cardigan by Dream in Color, made famous by the Yarn Harlot. I purchased the kit at Purl Diva a few weeks ago. Since it was the 6-9 months size, I was wondering if I could knit it in time for baby Madison's arrival. Ellen said that I could knit it in a weekend and indeed, it took me just over a weekend!

I didn't use an i-cord edging but instead picked up the neck stitches and knitted a few rows in moss stitch. Notice anything weird about the sleeves? No, they're not symmetric! I ran out of yarn for the second sleeve but thanks to my humongous stash, I was able to find pretty good color matches in String Theory superwash merino DK (Boy says he can't tell the difference).

Currently on the needles:
- Waves in the square shawl: only 20 rows to go (each row is now about 550 stitches long)
- a pair of socks in Foxfire Fiber's Fox Sox


Mango Kiwi said...

Wow, that's really pretty! I want to be 6 months old so I can wear something like that again! :)

Ellen at Purl Diva said...

It looks great! I wish you would have told me you ran out of yarn as I would have sent you more. That's the first time I have heard of someone not having enough yarn. I'm sorry that happened! Did you get gauge?

Lanea said...

So sweet! The baby sweaters are really starting to get under my skin. So quick, and so rewarding.

Minh said...

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for your comment!

I ran out of yarn for only two of the colors, I got gauge but maybe my ends were too long. I didn't want to bother you as it wasn't a big deal and the other yarns I had were a very good match :)

Hope to drop by Brunswick soon!