March 29, 2010

Contest winner!

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary! We went for dinner at a nice restaurant and came home to this beautiful bouquet from Boy's parents from our favorite florist.

But you want to know who the contest winner is and what was in the mystery box, right? No one guessed correctly, which I attribute to my somewhat misleading clue #2. Yes, I ordered from Spunky Eclectic but it was a special order so the item wasn't listed on Amy's website...

A new lazy kate! After taking a spinning class with Barb Parry, I realized that I was "fighting" with the lazy kate that came with my Victoria. This one has an adjustable brake so the angle is more convenient when plying and it still fits in my carrying bag. Now I can make 3-ply yarn!

I used to choose one of the 14 comments. The output was 10 and the 10th comment was Kathleen's. Congrats Kathleen! (I'll get your prize preferences via KR)

Thank you everyone for participating! (Anna, I really think you should mention to Louet your idea of a kit for making yarn lollipops for toddlers) Your guesses gave me ideas for future gifts and my birthday is not too far away...

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