July 01, 2010

Tour de Fleece

As a member of Team Superfleece, I will try to spin every day between July 3rd and July 25th. I just need to spin Spirit Trail Fiber, Briar Rose Fiber, or a breed from the Knitter's Book of Wool or KBOW Woolalong. I set aside more fiber than I will be able to spin in that period of time but who says that variety is bad?

First photo:
- Briar Rose Fibers Cormo
- Hello Yarn Targhee
- Winterwind Farm CVM

Second photo:
- Hatchtown Farm Coopworth
- Spirit Trail Teeswater/Cotswold/Corriedale
- Spirit Trail Merino/Silk
- Spirit Trail Cashmere/Silk

I'm off to Quebec this weekend so I'm packing my two Bosworth spindles but I'll be spinning on my Louet Victoria when I get back.

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