January 08, 2011

Iceland Trip - Sights (part 1)

We spent four days in Iceland on our way back from Paris -- here are some pictures that I promised to share with my KR friends. We didn't take many pictures because of the lack of daylight (it was really bright only between 11am and 3pm) and the ones we took are not great because of the cloudy weather (we only had our point-and-shoot camera). But I hope it gives you an idea of what we saw!

Hallgrímskirkja at sunrise

Reykjavík house with festive lights

The Blue Lagoon
(My Christmas present from Boy was getting an in-water massage treatment. It was heavenly to float in the warm water and get pampered!)

The Blue Lagoon at sunset

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zippiknits said...

Thank you so much for sharing your trip to Iceland. Your photo tour is beautiful.
Our local paper has a section devoted to travel and this week it was about Iceland.