December 08, 2006

The super-duper KR retreat

Fast knitters like Rosebyany have already finished their New Beginnings Project. Fast and perfectionist knitters like rho have already finished and then frogged their New Beginnings Project. Out-of-touch knitters like me get around to posting pictures one month after the retreat.

Picture numero uno: Clara aka Queen Bee on her throne giving audience during Show and Tell

Queen Bee on her throne
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Picture #2: Everybody oohing-aahing in front of this freeform blanket (the colors were just gorgeous!)

KR retreat1
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Picture #3: Forest Path stole - people were whispering with respect in front of this work of art.

KR retreat2
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I met online friends as well as knitters who read the KR newsletter but do not post on the forums. We laughed a lot for Vi, I learned the Moebius cast-on and got to buy some lace merino from Spirit Trail. DH was his usual self (very shy) but also pretty sick so he did not meet anybody. Everyone thought I had an imaginary husband (well, even if he were imaginary, he drove me all the way to the retreat and back -- how many imaginary friends would do that for you?)


vi said...

thank goodness someone rememberd to laugh for me
I couldn't be there



rho said...

Oh poor hubby - I thought he was off doing fun things not that he was sick ...

Mango Kiwi said...

where's the picture of you knitting, minky? :)

Amie said...

Now that I think of it, most of my imaginary friends can't even drive! (Well, there's the one, but there have been incidents...)

I wish we could have spent more time together, instead of knitting like two ships passing in the night. Next time, though...