December 10, 2006

Two skein wonder

Koigu/Claudia handpainted scarf
Originally uploaded by miminh3.
Last time I was in Ann Arbor, Knit A Round had a 20%off Koigu sale as well as a store pattern for a shawl made out of 5 skeins of Koigu.

I used the pattern for a smaller version which only requires 2 skeins and I changed yarn every two rows, alternating between Koigu KPPPM and Claudia handpainted fingering ('Jungle" colorway). Isn't it amazing that you can get such a large scarf with only two skeins? This is a present for a lady at work who commented on my knitting before. She wears a lot of greens and browns so I hope she likes these colors.


AR said...

I wish I could see your pic! I think it's my computer, though, so I'll try again later. I bet your coworker will love it!

Windansea said...

Very pretty!! Thanks for sharing - Lydia

Mango Kiwi said...

20% off Koigu!?! Wow, you lucky girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, wandered over here from KR! The shawl looks wonderful! gorgeous! That is a fantastic idea to combine the two yarns! terry