June 02, 2007

What a day I had!

but before I tell you about yesterday, here's a picture of my finished May socks, the Quill lace socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (mint stripe colorway). The lace pattern is easy to remember and I liked the eye of partridge heel flap, it looks more interesting than a slip stich heel flap.

Yesterday was a big day for me.

- Yesterday was my birthday (not one with super duper properties like a prime number but still....). Thanks Celia for the birthday wishes and same to you! (of course that's because we share a birthday)

- I got a house for my birthday. Seriously! Boy and I signed the papers for our new house (the one with the little yarn closet) yesterday and we will be moving in a couple of weeks.

Some knitting-related birthday presents:
- a knitting project pouch is coming my way, courtesy of Boy. The gals at Piddleloop are very nice and talented. I already have two of their project bags but they had one bag that matched my Honeycake needle case. It was also their last one in that fabric so that was clearly a sign.
- some Sundara yarn has been ordered, courtesy of Boy's parents.

In other news I have been bitten by the spindle bug. I will not confirm nor deny that a Maxi Bosworth spindle came back from the New Hampshire sheep and wool festival with me. Rumors that I have ordered rovings from the Woolen Rabbit are uncomfirmed at this time. I do not recall looking online about some Foxfire fiber cashmere and silk roving. That's to the best of my recollection considering I am one year older...


rho said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Another Gemini :D

And a house what a super present ;) Can't wait to see pictures. Congratulations on that also.... What a great birthday week you are having.

AR said...

Happy Birthday!

A house. Wow! Does it come with a house keeper? :)

Jane said...

Goodness, a house! Not only that, but Sundara Yarn, too! Happy, happy, birthday!