November 29, 2010

KR retreat 2010 - Saturday

We reconvened bright and early on Saturday morning for our group picture. Above you can see our fearless leader Clara and our stash lounge tzarina Lanea. We then parted ways to go to our respective classes.

I took Ann Budd's class on Knitting Mathematics (aka Intro to Sweater Design). She might say that you shouldn't take classes with her but just ignore it! I learned a lot from her class and came out with the confidence that I *can* knit a sweater that fits me even if my gauge and yarn are totally different from what the pattern calls for. I also proved to myself that Cheryl Brunette's shaping formula is true, just because I like to figure out how mathy things work.

Cat and Melissa seemed to enjoy playing tricks on each other during their classes: here you can see Cat spying on Melissa's "Knitting with Beads" class. I think that their circular needles were separated at birth.

Saturday afternoon was all about the KR marketplace -- at least for me, the serious knitting shopaholic. I decided not to go to Storey Publishing this year since I had already bought "Toe-up 2-at-a-time socks" and "Sock yarn one-skein wonders", but other knitters came back with books for themselves and for gift recipients.

My favorite marketplace acquisitions were:
- 2 skeins of Foxfire Flock Sock in smokey plum (I had already received some Flock Sock as part of my Fall Sheep Share)
- 5 skeins of String Theory Caper Aran and matching green glass buttons for a Lady February sweater (Karen and Tanis had these button sets made to match their colorways)
- Quince Tern in various colors for a future fair-isle project bought from the lovely Pam Allen. That's the yarn I used during Cat's class and it is scrumptious for socks/shawls/fingerless mitts.

On Saturday evening, Cat told us a sweet tale and then it was time for the Knitter's Book of Yarn/Knitter's Book of Wool/Wool-along extravaganza! I just love this picture of Jane with her knitting friends and their Falling Leaves.

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