December 11, 2011

2011 KR retreat

Canandaigua Lake

I decided that it would be wise to post about the 2011 Knitter's Review retreat while it is still 2011 (for those who are interested, there are more pictures on flickr). Every year I try to extend my time at the retreat to soak in the atmosphere, this year I arrived on Wednesday evening so I had plenty of time to mingle with others and relax on my own.

Without violating the rule What happens at the retreat stays at the retreat, I can tell you that there was (in roughly chronological order):
- a ride from the Rochester airport to the inn with the lovely Cat Bordhi
- a morning of fun doing prep work with Martha, Jane, and others prior to the registration
- a tasty tarte tatin at the nearby New York Wine and Culinary Center
- two great classes: Knitting on the Diagonal with Cookie A and Sweet Tomato Heel with Cat. My New Beginnings project is to knit a pair of socks where I will use the concepts from Cookie's class and Cat's new heel. Cookie's class was eye-opening, I have been fiddling with swatches so we will see what I come up with.
- a marketplace that was so tempting that I had to buy a large bag from Julia Hilbrandt to carry my purchases and make several trips back to my room to get rid of my loot. I plan on knitting a cardigan (perhaps Emelie) out of String Theory Caper Sock and Finial out of Foxfire CSA.
- a hilarious 10th anniversary retrospective of the KR retreat in pictures by Clara (this was my 6th retreat so I enjoyed learning about the retreats in Virginia)
- chatting with friends, old and new, jotting down the name of many patterns for future projects, and downloading Ann Budd's new iPhone apps as soon as they became available

I have a few meetups planned before the 2012 retreat so hopefully, the wait won't be quite as bad this time!

Cookie's rib class

Cat and her zebra socks

Knitters everywhere!

Knitters moving at the speed of light when the marketplace opens
(I know that many were disappointed that I was not the first in line this year!)

Kristopher, aka The Bodyguard, ready to protect Clara from unwanted yarn attacks
(Psst: if there was a Sundara-aholics anonymous group, it would not be very anonymous as Jane, Kristopher, and I would probably be the founding members)

KRR retrospective by Clara

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