January 01, 2007

Just give me the yarn and no one will get hurt!

Phildar stash
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If you were to ask for a ransom in yarn, don't you think it would look like this? (DH received the briefcase as a Christmas present so I packed it with yarn for the trip back to the US) Anyway, here's what I got while in France.

My first stop in Paris was at a Phildar boutique. Phildar tends to have more acrylic in their wool blends that I care for -- however I chose the light and dark grey yarn for a sweater since it is 100% pure wool. The other two skeins are for a fair isle hat (more on me and fair isle in the next post) and consist of 51% lambswool/49% acrylic. The lambswool is amazingly soft so if I like knitting with it, I will order some more online or buy it during my next trip.

The second stop was at the Bon Marche. I did not buy anything but admired the kits made by Tiboodoo using Bouton d'or/Anny Blatt yarn. The cardigans are so cute, I wish they made kits for grown-ups.

The planned third stop was a Bergere de France boutique that was unfortunately closed for the holiday season. Bergere de France is mostly a mail-order company and they have tons of free patterns on their website. (If you have some trouble translating one of them, drop me a line and I might be able to help) I have to buy their new CD-Rom: it has over 200 patterns and one can print out magnified charts. Isn't that cool?

The fourth stop was La Droguerie. This was the most beautiful shop I've been to since Purl in Soho. I fell in love with their pure alpaca (6.40 euros per 50 grams) and bought 400 grams of it -- some in variegated rust for a shawl, some in shades of blue and gray for a fair isle scarf.

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