March 12, 2007

I need some knitting juju!

- Pink ribbon socks? I turned the heel on the first sock (those were supposed to be my February socks, ssshhh....)

- Endpaper mitts? the first mitt was frogged.
I'll start again with the Phildar lambswool to make mittens instead of fingerless mitts. Only the back will use the fairisle motif, one mitten will be pink on purple background, the other will be purple on pink background.

- Essential stripe sweater? about 2/3 down the body I decided to frog (with emotional support from the KR forums).
Lesson 1: Worsted weight sweaters are not flattering on me.
Lesson 2: Asian people must stay away from yellow/pumpkin/pale orange unless they want to look like one big citrus fruit.

- Beret from Louisa Harding's Hats Gloves Scarves? I actually knitted that in two evenings using 1 skein of Rowan Felted Tweed. However it appears that being born and raised in France does not ensure that you look good with a beret.

I'm off to knit a swatch in cashmere. Cashmere makes everything better :)


Jane said...

Cashmere is a balm for the frustrated knitter!

Mango Kiwi said...

i like your citrus fruit description. this is the same reason that i do not look good in anything in the brown family.