March 31, 2007

Mini me

Baby socks and washcloths
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Here are my March socks: the Ruffle rib socks by Ann Budd (free pattern from Interweave: "Better than Booties Baby Socks")

Obviously they're not for me but for Celia's baby Alex. I knitted them out of Rowan 4-ply soft so they're machine washable. In the process I learned Priscilla Gibson-Roberts's short-row heel that I am sure of using again.

The two washcloths are made out of Classic Elite Provence that I got through a swap. I'm not a fan of mercerized cotton such as Tahki Cotton Classic but a quick knit is OK on my hands. I did buy "No Sheep for you" so I'm learning about the advantages of cotton (but thanks for the offer though, Mango kiwi!)


AR said...

What cute little booties.

celia said...

Thank you! They are gorgeous, and they fit too!!!

vi said...

minh minh minh,

I will NOT tell edmund, arabella or bonnie about this

auntie vi

Kim in Oregon said...

HEY! Guess what random number came up for my birthday sock yarn give away?

Please email me your mailing address and the yarn will be in the mail!