March 18, 2007

Me, procrastinate? Never!

Kim Hargreaves sweater
Originally uploaded by miminh3.
A year ago I finished knitting the front, back, and sleeves of Kim Hargreaves' Fay sweater. The pieces were then neatly put away and not seen again until yesterday.

I will seam this sweater and wear it this spring.
Seaming is not a matter of life and death.
Seams can be undone.
(take a deep breath)

The pieces have been blocked (the second sleeve is missing from the picture). Note my weird and lazy blocking technique: to ensure that the front and back are the same, I block them on top of one another.

Here's my plan:
1 - seam shoulders
2 - knit neck band -- this is the only time where I will deviate from the pattern and pick up stitches for the neck instead of knitting the edging and then seaming it into place. Did I mention how much I dislike seaming?
3 - baste, curse, and seam set-in sleeves
4 - seam body sides
5 - seam sleeves
After all this, the sweater is supposed to look like this. Wish me luck!


Mango Kiwi said...

i bet it's going to be beautiful!!

Amie said...

That's gonna look terrific on you!!!