March 28, 2007

The well-accessorized knitter

Misocrafty pouch
Originally uploaded by miminh3.
Here are my latest acquisitions:
- a misocrafty pouch, because I want to store my sock knitting neatly in my work bag
- an Addi needle sizer, because we all know that Addi needles are not US sizes 1 and 2.
- some T-pins, because I realized when blocking the sweater pieces last week that I have no where near enough T-pins to block large pieces of knitting properly.

In other news, my knitting book diet is about to suffer considerable blows unless I devise a long-term strategy.
- Immediate threats #1 and 2: "No Sheep for you" by Amy Singer and the Yarn harlot's new book
- Threat #3: Clara's book.
- Threats #4 and beyond: Interweave fall 07 books

The title and cover of Amy Singer's book did not entice me at first but the reviews and patterns made me change my mind. I'd like to have this book to guide me through my warm weather knitting. I think it will be a good counterpart to Barbara Albright's wonderful book, The Natural Knitter.


rho said...

And that is exactly why I would never ever say I was on a yarn diet or a book diet of any kind -- I am weak I tell you weak!!!

And there are just too many out there I don't have yet :D

Mango Kiwi said...

I just bought No Sheep for You, you can borrow it over the summer if you like. I'm definitely not taking it with me to California...

kitkatknit said...

I have No Sheep For You and I'm knitting the she-gansey in wool. Go figure. Have the body almost done and I think I really like it.