September 23, 2006

Knitters Rock!

I am always amazed at the generosity of my fellow knitters and am glad to report that 11 packages are gone! The only thing left is the Vesper sock yarn in Aquamelon.

Added on 9/24: everything is gone, thanks everybody for supporting KR and Dulaan!

September 22, 2006

Want some sock yarn?

I have too much sock yarn and not enough time to knit it (unless I learn to knit with my toes...)
so I am giving away some yummy sock yarn. Just PM me on KR with your mailing address and your color preferences.

The catch? You have to fulfill one of the following conditions:
1 - you promise to make a donation of at least $10 to Knitter's Review
2 - OR you promise to use this yarn for the Dulaan Project

You can also nominate another knitter if this person has been having a tough time/can't afford sock yarn and needs some fibery affection :)

I will post pictures of the sock yarn later tonight but I promise it will be wonderful handpainted yarn in fingering or sport weight. I'm starting with 12 packages (each with enough yarn for one pair of adult socks) and we'll see if more people are interested!

Edited to add: Here's a list of the 12 packages.
- Vesper sock yarn in aquamelon
- Vesper sock yarn in Strange little mama
- Sunshine yarns in Denim
- Sunshine yarns in Blue Lake
- Sunshine yarns in Iris
- Sweetgeorgia in Stillwater
- Lorna's laces (1 skein charcoal, 1 skein pinstripe)
- Koigu KPPPM ( 1 skein purple, 1 skein yellow/purple)
- No no kitty yarn in Fuschia
- London wul farm merino (1 skein blue, 1 skein green)
- Spirit Trail Fiberworks (2 skeins in teal/turquoise)
- Sundara sock yarn in stormy

You can see pictures here:


September 21, 2006

Addiction to Knitter's Review + requests for pictures => Knitting Blog

I put this off until today. I had the day off but KR is down so what is a knitter to do?? Even if no one visits this blog, it should be a nice way for me to keep track of my progress/failures/success stories when it comes to knitting.

First, I totally forgot to send Lin (aka Busyhands) a picture of the socks made from her yarn.
As part of the KR Round Robin, Lin sent me yarn that she kool-aid dyed along with matching solid turquoise sock yarn. Thanks so much Lin! Here's the final product:

[The picture doesn't show the deep turquoise (probably because of the flash) but until I get comfortable with the idea of my neighbors thinking I'm a lunatic and take knitting pictures outside, that's the best I can do :) ]

Since we're on the topic of socks, here's Nautilus (pattern by Anna Bell) made out of Nature's Palette in mallard and Hedera (pattern on Knitty by Cookie A.) made out of Sweetgeorgia superwash.

There's actually a pair of each (I knit both socks at once using the Magic Loop). "What's that purple thing lurking in the back?", you ask. It's my latest FO, the Charlotte's Web shawl made out of Koigu (no, the shawl is not sweating, I'm a low-tech blocker!).

This shot should give you a better idea of the lace pattern (I changed the skpsso into an ssk) :

This is a good first lace project since you start with 7 stitches and increase every other round. No never-ending cast on! However, the pattern is misleading when it talks about "mirror image" so you should be careful to have the decreases slanting in the right direction.

I also promised my friend mangokiwi two pictures. The first one is the wonderful Branching out scarf she knitted for me out of Fiesta La Luz. She knits socks and lace among other things, can you believe she's been knitting for less than a year??

The second picture is a scarf-sized Clapotis. It should remind you of Jane's full size clapotis :) I bought some Sundara DK silk-merino and then saw Jane's beautiful knitting. Since I'm short, I decided to go with a smaller version but otherwise, I totally copied her! (so thanks Jane!)

That's about it for today, I will add links on the sidebar and scare everyone by taking a picture of all my sock yarn another day!