March 31, 2007

Mini me

Baby socks and washcloths
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Here are my March socks: the Ruffle rib socks by Ann Budd (free pattern from Interweave: "Better than Booties Baby Socks")

Obviously they're not for me but for Celia's baby Alex. I knitted them out of Rowan 4-ply soft so they're machine washable. In the process I learned Priscilla Gibson-Roberts's short-row heel that I am sure of using again.

The two washcloths are made out of Classic Elite Provence that I got through a swap. I'm not a fan of mercerized cotton such as Tahki Cotton Classic but a quick knit is OK on my hands. I did buy "No Sheep for you" so I'm learning about the advantages of cotton (but thanks for the offer though, Mango kiwi!)

March 28, 2007

The well-accessorized knitter

Misocrafty pouch
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Here are my latest acquisitions:
- a misocrafty pouch, because I want to store my sock knitting neatly in my work bag
- an Addi needle sizer, because we all know that Addi needles are not US sizes 1 and 2.
- some T-pins, because I realized when blocking the sweater pieces last week that I have no where near enough T-pins to block large pieces of knitting properly.

In other news, my knitting book diet is about to suffer considerable blows unless I devise a long-term strategy.
- Immediate threats #1 and 2: "No Sheep for you" by Amy Singer and the Yarn harlot's new book
- Threat #3: Clara's book.
- Threats #4 and beyond: Interweave fall 07 books

The title and cover of Amy Singer's book did not entice me at first but the reviews and patterns made me change my mind. I'd like to have this book to guide me through my warm weather knitting. I think it will be a good counterpart to Barbara Albright's wonderful book, The Natural Knitter.

March 18, 2007

Me, procrastinate? Never!

Kim Hargreaves sweater
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A year ago I finished knitting the front, back, and sleeves of Kim Hargreaves' Fay sweater. The pieces were then neatly put away and not seen again until yesterday.

I will seam this sweater and wear it this spring.
Seaming is not a matter of life and death.
Seams can be undone.
(take a deep breath)

The pieces have been blocked (the second sleeve is missing from the picture). Note my weird and lazy blocking technique: to ensure that the front and back are the same, I block them on top of one another.

Here's my plan:
1 - seam shoulders
2 - knit neck band -- this is the only time where I will deviate from the pattern and pick up stitches for the neck instead of knitting the edging and then seaming it into place. Did I mention how much I dislike seaming?
3 - baste, curse, and seam set-in sleeves
4 - seam body sides
5 - seam sleeves
After all this, the sweater is supposed to look like this. Wish me luck!

March 13, 2007

Meet my little friends

Sock stash
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Actually, there are a few more but they don't fit on the coffee table!

Mostly one-person ventures (Sundara, Yarn pirate, Sunshine yarns, Sweetgeorgia, Vesper) but also some bigger dyers (STR, Koigu, Lorna's Laces).

As you can see, my heart is fickle: I first fell in love with variegated yarns, now I am enamored with almost solid yarns.

March 12, 2007

I need some knitting juju!

- Pink ribbon socks? I turned the heel on the first sock (those were supposed to be my February socks, ssshhh....)

- Endpaper mitts? the first mitt was frogged.
I'll start again with the Phildar lambswool to make mittens instead of fingerless mitts. Only the back will use the fairisle motif, one mitten will be pink on purple background, the other will be purple on pink background.

- Essential stripe sweater? about 2/3 down the body I decided to frog (with emotional support from the KR forums).
Lesson 1: Worsted weight sweaters are not flattering on me.
Lesson 2: Asian people must stay away from yellow/pumpkin/pale orange unless they want to look like one big citrus fruit.

- Beret from Louisa Harding's Hats Gloves Scarves? I actually knitted that in two evenings using 1 skein of Rowan Felted Tweed. However it appears that being born and raised in France does not ensure that you look good with a beret.

I'm off to knit a swatch in cashmere. Cashmere makes everything better :)