October 29, 2006

If anybody asks, I'll be at the club...

Remember this quote from Frasier? Unlike DH, I never belonged to a posh Ivy League club so I found another way to hang out with the cool crowd: sock clubs. There are many out there, like Posh yarn and Spunky eclectic but the three sock clubs I currently belong to are:
- the Rocking Sock club from Blue Moon fiber arts
- the Sweet Sheep sock club
- the Petals collection from Sundara

As Socks that rock yarn is becoming easy to get through their website, I will probably not renew my membership for 2007. I like their lightweight the most (whereas the club alternates light and medium) and can specifically pick the colors that I like.

I do not just receive yarn, I actually knit from time to time. Here are some WIPs:
- socks for my mom: one down, one to go!

Fleece artist sock
Originally uploaded by miminh3.

I bought the yarn while in Nova Scotia, it's Fleece Artist in "Baadeck summer", the pattern is "Pair of socks" by Ann Budd on the Interweave website.

- Pooling colors scarf from Interweave Fall 2004.

The yarn is Schaefer Anne bought from the lovely Sheri at The Loopy Ewe.

- a simple K2P2 rib cowl made out of Handmaiden 2-ply cashmere.

Handmaiden 2-ply cashmere cowl
Originally uploaded by miminh3.

I'm making this long enough to either fold it in two (like a turtleneck) or to put it over my head and cover my ears. This yarn is just wonderful to work with -- if I had enough money, I would make a sweater out of it!