August 27, 2007

All done!

Handspun sample
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All the knitting yarn, books, and magazines are organized -- I'll take pictures later this week. It is wonderful to have everything in one place, though the experience was sobering in terms of stash enhancement (I have close to 200 skeins).

The socks for Mangokiwi are done. As soon as she gets them, I'll show you what pattern and yarn were used ;)

I'm following the advice on the KR forums and trying to spin a little every day. Today's handspun sample is silk from Funky Carolina (it's the top right roving on the picture taken a few weeks ago).

August 18, 2007

Closet in progress

Fiber stash
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Our new house has a little cedar-lined closet that I was planning on using for yarn and fiber. How do you keep the yarn/fiber in view while protecting it from moths? Well, until IKEA produces tightly-sealed glass bookcases, I'll be using transparent plastic boxes.

This is my fiber stash and spindles (two Bosworths, one Schacht, one Golding). For now everything is organized with a little card in each box.

Next step: organize (i.e. try to contain) the yarn stash and knitting library.

August 14, 2007

Sshh, I'm undercover...

Tuscany shawl
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The Tuscany Shawl from A. Singer's "No Sheep for you" is done and ready to fly to its new owner. This would be a good pattern for a lace beginner, the only modification I made was to have increases on the right-side rows rather than the wrong-side rows. The yarn is Yarn Botanika's merino/tencel in "mangoes and raspberries". It's silky, but not slippery to knit with. In other words, it's yummy!

My August socks are for Mangokiwi. She knows that but to keep a surprise element, I won't say which pattern I'm using nor the color of the socks. OK, just one hint: I'm using Sundara sock yarn.

If you're a sock knitter, read Clara's review, and get your copy of Cat Bordhi's new book.

If you're a lace knitter, get your copy of Evelyn Clark's "Knitting Lace Triangles"

If you like knitting podcasts, listen to Stash and Burn, my favorite knitting podcast. My workday wouldn't be the same without Jenny and Nicole, This American Life and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!.